A Minute to Midnight – Baldacci David

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A Minute to Midnight - Baldacci David
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A Minute to Midnight is the second gripping instalment in Special Agent Atlee Pine’s search for the truth from one of the world’s most favourite thriller writers, David Baldacci.

Without Mercy.

At six years old, Atlee’s twin sister, Mercy, was taken from the family home while Atlee was left for dead. Since that fateful night, Atlee has dedicated her life and career to catching those who hurt others.

Word of a killer.

Atlee has never stopped searching for answers about her sister. A notorious serial killer, locked in a maximum-security prison, continues to haunt her. Does he really know what happened to Mercy?

Quest for justice.

When Atlee oversteps the mark on the arrest of a dangerous criminal, the FBI gives her a leave of absence – the perfect opportunity to return to where it all began.

Determined to finally uncover the truth, Atlee Pine’s journey home turns into a rollercoaster ride of murder, long-buried secrets and lies . . . and a revelation so personal that everything she once believed is fast turning to dust.